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Giving Back

At Cabana Boys, we believe that most of us in the advertising game are pretty fortunate. Ourselves included. So as a business, we believe in giving back. Here’s one way we’re doing it.

 The “This Much” Project

We had an alarming conversation with a representative of CareFlight (the helicopter rescue service) recently.  In it, we found out that almost sixty Australian babies and toddlers a year drown at home.  Not just in pools, but in ridiculously small amounts of water. We decided to try and do something about it.  This integrated community service campaign of video, social media and public relations activity is the result. It is out there now, teaching Australian parents just how careful they have to be.  Everyone involved – including us – donated their time with no hope of further gain.  So, please, if you like the message, show your support.  Visit to either ‘like’ or ‘share’ the video.  It’s not much to do, but it’ll make a big difference.

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