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Workcover NSW

New tools in an old fight.

January 17, 2013

This community service campaign created a new language for the fight against asbestos diseases, letting do-it-yourselfers know that working on their homes without understanding the risks of asbestos was like playing “Renovation Roulette”.

Commercial Advantage

This campaign of community service television and radio commercials, print and outdoor advertising, and online activity will launch with major PR support which is being handled by our campaign partners Insight Communications as part of Asbestos Awareness Week in late November 2012.

Early indications are that media channels are flocking to support it, giving it enormous exposure.  It is, however, too early to report results beyond this anecdotal first impression.


Portray renovating without being aware of the risks of asbestos as playing Russian roulette with your own and your family’s lives.


Make homeowners, handymen and DIYers aware that asbestos is far more common in Australian homes than they realise and that they could be putting themselves and their families in danger if they renovate without knowing the risks.

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