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When your competitors are sleeping...

February 8, 2013

By pointing out the horror of non-ratings Summer television on other channels, this campaign helped SBS pick up new viewers at a time when its competitors were all-but giving them away.

While other broadcasters head off to the beach during summer, SBS is hard at work – keeping top rating shows on air, premiering new series, showing top line movies and features, even rolling out new episodes of current shows.

On cross track posters and transit media, this campaign told people who didn’t normally watch SBS that they could expect more during the summer-time ratings period.

Banner advertising extended the campaign onto the web, actually listing programs and start times for that day.

Then, on station, promotional TVCs, idents and billboards helped to re-inforce SBS as a content-rich viewing destination. The message clearly worked.

(Campaign by Stuart Ghent at Razor.)

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