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Mission Australia

Arresting imagery isn’t a gamble.

January 17, 2013

Bookings at Mission Australia’s ACT Gambling Counselling & Support Service quadrupled as a result of this challenging campaign.

The Commercial Advantage

The number of weekly appointments to Mission Australia’s new counselling service quadrupled overnight when this campaign launched – settling down to a sustained level twice that of previous levels afterward, with no ongoing media investment.

The Business Issue

Mission Australia had only recently taken over as the provider of specialist gambling counselling services in the ACT.   They needed to announce their service to problem gamblers, their families and referral services.  But, more than that, having been out of the Territory for a number of years, they also needed to establish their own presence.

Putting Creativity to Work

We decided to focus on one of the telltale signs of problem gambling – the tendency for gamblers to lie or keep secrets about their behaviour – saying if you need to lie, we need to talk.  The choice of high-impact, confronting imagery ensured that neither the campaign nor Mission Australia could be ignored.



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