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Australian Council for the Arts

Giving ArtStart the right start.

January 22, 2013

Give away government money to artists? Easy enough.  Create deep understanding of an entirely new category of arts grants, while driving applications?  Not so easy. This launch achieved it nonetheless, with ArtStart closing four times oversubscribed in its first year.

Commercial Advantage

The arts and education media picked up the ArtStart story in droves, covering it in print, radio, television and digital.  Social media and postering activity drove thousands of downloads from the website, powering a word of mouth campaign that saw the message spreading further still.  The first round of ArtStart grants closed with four times the anticipated number of applications.


We created a campaign positioning ArtStart as “Fertiliser for Budding Artists”. We then used PR, social media, print advertising and posters to drive artists to a website where they could apply, take an eligibility test or download materials to help spread the word.


The Australia Council for the Arts had created a new type of grant that was unlike any other currently available.  Instead of supporting young artists through individual works, it was designed to help them to establish themselves in an arts career.  Our job was to launch it and clearly differentiate it from others in the crowded arts grant environment.

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