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Zig when others are zagging.

January 17, 2013

Taking a strong user experience stance while its competitors talked size and safety helped turn sales around for debt recovery and collections management software, CWX.

Commercial Advantage

From a hazily defined, minor player in collections software, to a clearly differentiated product with a clear and unique position in the market – and a cut-through creative campaign of website, DM materials, advertising and sales collateral to match – CWX went from languishing sales to an instant sales turn-around.  The thinking that underpinned this campaign three years ago is still an important part of the brand’s foundations today.


A comprehensive audit of CWX’s competitors revealed an eminently predictable set of promises, built around size, safety and the category’s “hygiene” benefit, improved collections.  None were taking a strong “user experience” stance, a double bonus for CWX as our research showed that it was clearly the one that the people who used the product – collectors – loved.  The campaign we built around this position brought this to life around the line “Once a User, Always a Fan” and used another unexpected creative theme for the category, drawing on the sporting world for its inspiration.


Debt recovery software package, CWX came to us seeking a new positioning and creative campaign to help them stand out in a crowded, highly competitive market populated by much larger, much better established offerings.

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