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Angostura Bitters

Setting sales records.

January 16, 2013

This campaign helped Angostura Bitters to its best-ever sales season.

The Commercial Advantage

Using advertising, digital, social media and sales promotion, this integrated campaign repositioned Angostura Bitters for a new generation of younger drinkers – helping it to its best ever Summer sales result along the way.

The Business Issue

Angostura Bitters – if it was known at all – was known by older drinkers as an important ingredient in a popular beverage, rather than as a brand in its own right.  And with little brand equity, it was not only open to attack in its pubs & clubs heartland but was missing out on its rightful share of the developing market for ready-to-drink lemon, lime & bitters.

Putting Creativity to Work

Recognising that the volume opportunity for Angostura Bitters was in lemon, lime & bitters – we took the bold move of aligning the brands future to the drink in which most people experience it.  Calling on the brand’s unequalled bar heritage and authenticity, we repositioned Angostura as “the true taste of lemon, lime & bitters”, presenting it in a creative wrapper designed to appeal to a new generation of drinkers – a modern classic that had been and was still being “Rediscovered Since 1824”.

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