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NSW Dept. Liquor & Gaming

Engaging a difficult market on a difficult topic.

February 8, 2013

Males aged 18-22 in NSW – as a demographic – tested 50% less likely to develop gambling problems after this campaign for the NSW Dept Of Liquor & Gaming ran. At the same time, calls to the Gambling Help Line tripled – dealing with the problem of the present as well the future.

Advertising briefs don’t get much curlier than this one.  The Department of Liquor & Gaming was trying to prevent young males who like a bet from turning into problem gamblers.  The difficulty is, these guys don’t yet have a problem, may never develop one, and wouldn’t listen to you if you told them they would.  Our one chance was to catch them in that moment of regret after a big loss.  We had to say: “Hey, you should recognise this feeling.  It’s a bad thing.  Do something about it.”  The Gambling Hangover was born.

(By Stuart Ghent & Nik Robinson at The Campaign Palace.)

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