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Australian Museum

1000 times the traffic.

January 22, 2013

This viral social media app drove a 1000-fold increase in traffic to the International Year of Biodiversity’s Australian website.

The Commercial Advantage

Hundreds of thousands of extra people touched by the issue of biodiversity!  Following the launch of MonkeyMe, visits to the IYOB Australian website went from just a handful a week to over 4,500 a week.  Over 1,300 people also joined the MonkeyMe community on Facebook.

The Business Issue

The International Year of Biodiversity had launched a website to get people involved and interested in IYOB issues, projects and activities.  The problem was, it was too dry and academic.  Nobody was going.  The Australian Museum not only wanted people to visit, but to have an International Year of Biodiversity experience whilst there.

Putting Creativity to Work

We created MonkeyMe – a fun, involving viral application that let users create a fun picture of themselves as a monkey or other animal.  They could then share that picture with their friends and family or post it as their profile picture on Facebook. With biodiversity messages woven into the application, Monkey Me was both a traffic-builder and a biodiversity experience in its own right.




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