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Australian Council for the Arts

Putting new spring in a brand’s step.

January 17, 2013

After a successful launch six months earlier, ArtStart Grants was all-but spent as a social media and PR proposition – but we still had a job to do driving applications.  This viral campaign propelled it back into the headlines – earning over 50,000 YouTube views – making ArtStart’s enquiry line ring off the hook and fueling a repeat performance of launch application rates.

Commercial Advantage

>> Over 50,000 people watched our Pogoism video on YouTube and Vimeo, while over 5,000 blogs embedded it.

>> Major metropolitan news media and the Australian arts press picked up the story, giving the Arts Council thousands of dollar’s of extra value in editorial.

>> From day one of release, traffic to jumped from around 30 unique hits a day to over 100, staying there for the rest of the campaign.


The Australia Council for the Arts needed to let recent arts graduates know about a new grant scheme to help them launch their careers. With a seriously tiny budget and hoping to make a big impact, we invented a new artform called Pogoism and unleashed it on the web.


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